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*All Alcohol sales must be accompanied by a food purchase*

During this time we are being super vigilant, so all of our employees will be wearing masks, and continuing to wear gloves during the food prep and curbside delivery of your food.

Draft Beer

16 ounce$4 Craft$3.5 Domestic
32 ounce$8 Craft$7 Domestic
Avery IPA, White Rascal and Stampede
Craft Lager
Odell 90 Shilling and Mountain Standard
Fresh Squeezed
Breckenridge Nitro Irish Stout
Coors Light
Bud Light


Available in singles/6 packs

Domestic Bottles or Cans $3/$15
Budweiser Bud Light
Coors Coors Light
Miller Miller Light
PBR Bud Light
Other Bottles $4/$20
Heineken Newcastle
Snowmelt-Acai Angry Orchard
Ace Pear Corona

To Go Drinks

Wells $4
Calls $6

Liters of Alcohol

Smirnoff $30
Beam $30
Bacardi $30